3 Truly Magical Places in Georgia

We creative types simply have to get regular doses of inspiration. I can't say that enough. Here in Georgia, there’s lots of creative inspiration to be had. We're blessed with enchanting accents, pretty country roads and mossy trees the further south you get. But aside from all those awesome southern charms we've also have some really cool little gems that I love telling people about. Sprinkled throughout our state in places you would least expect it, there are little doors to whimsical lands filled with books, birdhouses, and French toast. Weather you enter through a Hobbit Door or Wardrobe, you just know when you've entered a special place, and these places are just that, SPECIAL!


As you wind through the beautiful North Georgia Mountains on Highway 515 East you may spot a giant birdhouse poking out from the trees. If you investigate further you'll be rewarded with an amazing world created by the one and only Art Millican Jr, a former Disney Artist. Art helped bring to life Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch, as well as designed displays for Dollywood and Six Flags. Art's amazing playhouses have even appeared on My Backyard Goes Disney!

So, with all this Magic in his background, of course Art's place is going to be thoroughly pixie dusted. It's free to tour the Woodland Fairy Village. A path winds down a hill that's sprinkled with bird houses small, large, all the way up to Adult size! There's a Hobbit House, child sized gypsy wagon, castles that might seem a wee bit familiar, Gnome village off in the distance, and at the bottom of the hill is a giant bird house/treehouse that any kind (or adult) would love to have. Be sure to stop in the gift/Art Shop before you explore the path. You can buy a handmade birdhouse sure to please your feathered friends at home. Need a new paint brush or pen set? They've got them. Fairy door charm for your favorite bracelet? They've got them! There's just so much magic in this place. be sure to make a donation or by something while you're there. 

Find out more about Sleepy Hollow here.


Sugar Hill Bakery honestly took me by surprise. I saw something about it online and made my way there the next day. I had no idea what a treat I was in for. When we parked, and I looked up to see that you literally enter the restaurant through an antique wardrobe, I was immediately giddy. And the excitement didn't end there. The room that awaited was breath taking. I couldn't pick a spot to let my eyes settle. There were twinkly lights all about, snow dusted trees here and there, all types of mismatched in the most beautiful way chairs and sofas all around. The tablecloths and linen napkins were beautiful and set ready for the most delightful breakfast I've had since I was dining with my favorite mouse. It's just impossible to explain the space accept to say, it was magical. 

And oh my, the kid’s meals are served, are you ready for this, in old school lunch boxes! How adorable is that? So, let's talk food. When I say that I had the best French toast I've ever had in my life there, I'm telling the honest truth. My husband had an omelet that was amazing as well, i snuck a bite when he wasn't looking. Speaking of the Mr., my guy is for sure a tough guy. He's as manly as they come, and I can tell you he grinned from ear to ear. We both really enjoyed this little magical moment at Sugar Hill Bakery and Cafe. We plan on returning very soon. Oh! By the way, want to go Fairy Hunting? Enjoy mystery dinners? They do those there! Get more info about my new favorite place to get my whimsy tank filled here.


Children's Books. That's magical already, far away wonderlands, yellow brick roads, monsters and princesses. Already more magic than you can shake a stick at. But, in the town of Monroe, GA two very creative ladies, Owner Melissa Music & Designer Stephanie Cannon, have brought those wonderlands to life in The Story Shop. 

Before you enter the shop, you can tell that this will not be your typical book store. There are mushroom stools by the door and an open sign made from a book hangs in the window. And then you enter the most amazing book store this girl has ever laid eyes on! And let me tell you, I had the luck of being a teen in the 90's and getting to spend lots of time in the oh so amazing and gone way too soon Oxford Books on Far Road. So, I've seen some amazing book stores. You immediately see lots of color, shelves with books like Little Women and Jane Austin for toddlers. Hello! That's just cool. A big purple chair with a Cheshire smile across the back. Cozy nooks are everywhere just waiting for you to snuggle in with a great book. But wait, what's that near the register, why it's a giant antique wardrobe! Yep, they have a Narnia inspired wardrobe that leads to of all places, story time! The room for story time is just adorable. 

There's a yellow brick road to explore, a middle reader room straight out of Hogwarts and best of all the most amazing event space I've ever seen. It's complete with a huge table fit for a king that is set based on the theme the party host choses. This space is just fantastic. But back to the yellow brick road, where did that lead? The bathroom of course! and as you follow it to the back of the store you pass a super cozy reading nook inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, lots of books and then, gasp... 221B Baker Street. Yep, Sherlock gets a nod by this amazing shop! If you want to find out more about The Story Shop, check out their site here.

Have you found an inspiring place that gets your creativity engaged? Share it with me here in the comments. I'm always looking for a new adventure.

Art Journaling Life

Art Journaling is like breathing. My travel paint set is always in my purse and sketchbook in my purse or under my arm. Doctors office, car rider line, standing in line at Disney World... you name it, I've art journaled there. Maybe it's the former smoker habit, the need to have something in my hands to curb the nerves. 

It's soothing when I'm stressed, it's an outlet when all my buttons have been pushed and Mt. St. Heather's is about to blow. It's a treasure to record special moment and favorite meals in. It's a place to record life and all that goes with it. When I'm gone my girls will have a large library of these journals to split between them. They'll be able to look through and remember family trips, milestones, and all that jazz.


@ the ER







stoneman collection-02.jpg




If you want to begin art journaling it's so simple. All you need is a sketchbook small enough to be carried wherever you venture and something to make marks with. Pens, markers, crayons, paint pallets, pencils, watercolor pencils... whatever you like to use to doodle and write with. 

My favorite tools are Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box Set which also comes with the waterbrush, the Canson Mix Media Sketchbook and a variety of waterproof ink pens such as Pigma Micron. 

Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box Set

Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box Set

Pigma Micron

Pigma Micron

Canson Mix Media Sketchbook

Canson Mix Media Sketchbook

Happy Art Journaling Friends,



Of all the many artists I love, Georgia O'Keeffe has a soft spot in my heart.

For me Georgia was the introduction to the idea that artists could control what the viewer focused on. Even now her beautiful micro views of flowing flowers and billowy city streets that seem to bloom in the moon light are in my view still ground breaking. My eyes were opened to a whole new part of creativity... The point of view.

“Great artists don’t just happen, any more than writers, or singers, or other creators,” she continued. “They have to be trained, and in the hard school of experience.” Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia was blessed with a long life to develop her style during. Her view on what it takes to be an artist is still relevant today. We would all be so lucky to find that style that's so clearly our own but wait... according to Georgia it wasn't luck at all. Check out this article from artsy on Georgia O'Keeffe and how to be an artist.

Tony Vaccaro Gerogia O'Keeffe for LOOK, 1960, 1960 Monroe Gallery of Photography

5 Tools for Better Design

I love anything that helps me keep my designs fresh and stream lines the creative process. Weather that be sourcing images, picking fonts and colors or simply a good site for inspiration. That last one is a doozie, as a designer it's really tough when you hit a creative dry spell. With that being said, I'd like to share these 5 Tools that I use to be a better designer!


First up, flippingtypical.com! Flipping Typical is a website that actually shows you all the fonts on your computer. It allows you to type in a window and then scroll through to see what font in your system looks best. This baby has saved me so much time looking at the word or name in all the fonts side by side all at once. Personally it cuts down on the back and forth second guessing my font choices. 



Next up... Unsplash.com. This is my favorite new tool. Unsplash is just amazing. Did I mention that it's all FREE? That's right... FREE for commercial use and HIGH RESOLUTION! IT's the holy grail of Stock Photography sites! And we're talking really beautiful photography that has more of an up to date look than most of the pricey stock image sites we all are used to using. I just can't say enough about these guys, so go check them out!



Inspiration is a hugely important thing when you're a designer. It can be the difference in getting work, keeping a job and well, paying the bills. designspiration.net is a great resource to type in a key word and let the imagery fill your creative tank. Interior Design, Graphic design and so on.. it all mixes together and fills the page to create a cocktail of fabulous inspiration. You'll be ready to crank out new designs in no time.



Fonts are oh so important to a good looking design. Lately my go to resource for fonts has been creativemarket.com This is a beautifully curated site that honestly has mind blowing photos, stock art and fonts, but for me they are my go to font house. I know when I'm dealing with Creative Market that I'll be getting top quality fonts. I also find I'm really inspired by all that I see featured on the site. 



Travel! I know, that doesn't seem like a tool. But honestly, we all get stuck in ruts. You go to the same office, see the same people, eat the same foods and on and on. Travel breaks that monotony and revives our spirit. Even if it's just an afternoon two towns over, or a day spent driving back roads exploring your state, it exposes us to new things, new people, new tastes and redirects the course of our creativity. Every little treasure you see in gift shops, antique stores, on your hikes in the water all contribute to new beautiful ideas!

I hope these 5 Tools prove to be helpful designing and that you have a fabulous time exploring them, especially 5!