Of all the many artists I love, Georgia O'Keeffe has a soft spot in my heart.

For me Georgia was the introduction to the idea that artists could control what the viewer focused on. Even now her beautiful micro views of flowing flowers and billowy city streets that seem to bloom in the moon light are in my view still ground breaking. My eyes were opened to a whole new part of creativity... The point of view.

“Great artists don’t just happen, any more than writers, or singers, or other creators,” she continued. “They have to be trained, and in the hard school of experience.” Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia was blessed with a long life to develop her style during. Her view on what it takes to be an artist is still relevant today. We would all be so lucky to find that style that's so clearly our own but wait... according to Georgia it wasn't luck at all. Check out this article from artsy on Georgia O'Keeffe and how to be an artist.

Tony Vaccaro Gerogia O'Keeffe for LOOK, 1960, 1960 Monroe Gallery of Photography